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Q: How important is licencing?

A: Often, licencing is overrated. It does not necessarily assure reliability or competence. However, painters are required by law to be licenced. If they aren’t, the question of what other legal requirements have they opted to skip, comes to mind. Additionally if problems occur and you use an unlicenced painter you will have difficulties getting the problem sorted.

Q: I’ve heard that many painters overcharge. How can I get a good deal?

A: To enable you to make comparisons and determine how to get a good deal it is good practice to get at least three quotes on any major work. For minor jobs, working with a well-known painter should provide you with sufficient protection. Remember that if a low-priced painter only pleases a third of it’s customers, it may not be the bargain you think it is. Stick to painters with consistent, good track records.

Q: Are painters one of those trades where price is an accurate reflection of quality?

A: While the large majority of reliable painters will have higher than average prices, some of the worst painters may also have higher prices. You can expect to pay more for reliability, but don’t assume that because someone is expensive that they are good.

Q: Am I better off with a small painting company with few employees or a large company with many employees?

A: The size of a company and the number of painters they employ is not an accurate gauge of quality. There may be tradeoffs. For example, large painting companies often have more technical expertise available, but may have less technically capable painters on your job. Large companies have more employees so that any disturbance in one person’s personal life won’t usually mess up a job. Alternatively, large companies usually have more communication breakdowns. "Who said what to whom", and messages being accurately conveyed to the appropriate person is at the root of most service problems. Focus on the company’s or painter’s actual performance record and not on size.

Q: What areas do you service?

A: All Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast



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